Paper Forensics


Applying Paper Science to Forensic Document Examinations

"We Understand the Science of Paper"

Paper Forensics

If you suspect your document has been altered, you need to read this.

  • I can differentiate paper from different sources.

  • I can identify a substituted sheet.

  • Science-based, statistically proven.

  • 99.7% accurate & repeatable

Document Examination

  • Forged  or Copied Signatures

  • Altered Electronic Documents

  • Substituted Sheets

  • Copy & Paste Identification

The impact of technology

The advancements in technology, especially in software has made it easier to alter or modify documents. You need an expert who has kept up with technology to be able to stay ahead of the bad guys. I can identify altered documents and cut & paste signatures.

Altered Signatures Identified

The image to the left is an example of a cut and paste signatures. They are often modified and missing areas are filled in by fraudsters. I am able to identify and explain these alterations.

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Ink Identification

Fiber Identification

Print & Toner Analysis

Paper Converting Issues

I have over 14 years of experience assisting other Forensic Document Examiners and Handwriting Experts on cases involving paper and print related issues. My nearly 30 years of paper manufacturing, chemistry and paper converting experience has given me a unique background for forensics. I have developed two patent pending technologies for use in forensic document examination and document security, ScanRite Paper ID Technology and SecureDoc5 Document Security System.

Scientific Document Examinations, Scientific Reports, not just an Opinion.

We utilize the latest scientific equipment and methods during our examinations.