Forensic Document & Paper Examination

Documents We Examine

  • Wills and Probate Matters

  • Real Estate Documents

  • Bank Checks and Bank Notes

  • Insurance Contracts

  • Workers Compensation Matters

  • Bomb Threats

  • Suicide Notes and Anonymous Notes

  • Election Ballots

  • Deeds

  • Certificates

  • Prenuptial Agreements


Ink & Toner

The toner is over the top of the ink in this example. We use several methods to determine if the toner or ink is on top while examining questioned documents.

Recycle Paper

This is an example of printing on recycle paper. Notice the fibers and debris present in the paper. We can identify the different types of fibers and additives present in the paper.

Dog Ears

This is an example of what is called "dog ears" which can happen during the converting operation of paper making. It is caused by the tension on the converting equipment not being properly set, causing a tear at the corners. This makes a discoverable anomaly that is identifiable during forensic examination.

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