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SecureDoc5 Document Security

The most secure platform for protecting your documents.


"Securing your life, one document at a time"
  • White collar crime costs upwards of $600 billion dollars every year.

  • Much of that total is associated with fraudulent activity involving legal documents.

  • Information on wills, trusts, stock certificates, contracts and agreements are altered.

  • Millions of dollars are spent on legal fees to dispute altered documents.

  • SecureDoc5 offers a complete portfolio to technologies to help you secure and protect your personal documents and data.

  • We can secure every sheet in every document with page-level encryption and can verify  that it is authentic.

Security you can trust.
  • SecureDoc5 is a patent pending technology that encrypts every page of your important document to protect if from fraudulent activity.

  • SecureDoc5 protects your printed and electronic documents from being altered or reproduced with the hidden document identification codes that identify is as the original.

  • SecureDoc5 Secure Storage encrypts your data and stores it in our secure servers behind 5-layers of security.

  • All SecureDoc5 is encrypted during upload, download and at rest.

  • Our SecureDoc5 technology works behind five layers of security just to process your documents, including 2-Factor and fingerprint scanning authentication.

  • SecureDoc5 Services allows a legal replacement and re-certification of any questioned, lost, stolen or damaged document.

  • SecureDoc5 Services are available for any disputed or questioned document. Our team of Forensics Document and Paper Experts are here to help.